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Katja Rogers

Assistant professor in human-computer interaction

Key Research Interests

Virtual Reality and Embodiment. One key research interest of mine focuses on exploring perceptions of embodiment in virtual reality (VR) experiences, mixed-reality games, or exergames. I am especially interested in how realism (in particular, different dimensions thereof) affect, augment, or constrain user and player experience - in digital technologies and games in general, but particularly in VR, where many questions remain regarding how this interacts with presence and immersion. This research interest also overlaps with my second key research interest, as the medium of display can affect how users and players experience audio.

Audio and Game Audio. Audio is often overshadowed by visual factors in research and development, even though it can significantly affect users’ perceptions and experience, and has important funtions for feedback in human-computer and player-game interaction. In games, this modality is even more complex and varied. In my research, I have explored effects of music presence and specific music attributes on player experience, affective state, and wellbeing; the varying functions of music and sound effects for player experience in different contexts; as well how the functionality of game audio differs with its positioning within the diegesis.


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