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Katja Rogers

Assistant professor in human-computer interaction


Since 2022: Assistant professor affiliated with the Digital Interactions Lab (DILAB) at the University of Amsterdam .

2020-2022: Postdoctoral researcher with the HCI Games Group at the University of Waterloo .

2020: PhD (Dr.rer.nat) in Computer Science, Ulm University, Germany

2014: M.Sc. in Computer Science, Ulm University

2011: B.Sc. in Media Informatics, Ulm University

Academic Service

Conference Chair

Conference Reviewer:

Journal Reviewer: IJHCS 2022, 2021, 2020, 2018; CSUR 2021; VIRE 2019; HCII 2018; PaUC 2018

Session Chair: CHI PLAY 2020 (WiP#2); MuC 2020 (VR and Games)

Student Volunteer CHI 2019; CHI Play 2017, 2015; UIST 2013; ITS 2013; MUM 2012

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